Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat


Adult crewneck graphic t-shirt featuring a FISHING BOAT design. All Blackhare INK SERIES shirts originate as hand-drawn illustrations that are transferred onto silkscreens for printing in our Toronto studio. All of our graphic tees are preshrunk and printed with only water-based, eco-friendly inks on TriBlend fabric. Neither too loose or too tight, TriBlend shirts are incredibly soft and comfy with a flattering fit no matter what your size or shape. Unisex design suits everyone.

Please refer to the size chart below or in the photo set to make sure you've got the right size!

LENGTH    S        M       L       XL      

                  27.5    28.5   29.5  30.5     

WIDTH        S        M        L        XL     

                  18.25   19.75   21.25   22.5  

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